We are a boutique business and investment consultancy firm based in Singapore. We were incorporated in the midst of the global financial crisis when we saw the post-crisis potential of the global real estate markets.

We are committed to safeguarding our investors’ interest and we strive to help our investors seed their future through the growing of wealth.

Our business growth strategy is premised on delivering the best results possible, staying relevant and ahead of the curve, and providing a positive experience to all our stakeholders.
We provide business consultancy services for foreign companies looking to expand their businesses in the Asia Pacific region. We advise them on the business environment, diverse cultural contexts, complex legal requirements, and how to establish, develop and sustain their businesses in this part of the world.
Through our work in business consultancy, we are able to identify, structure and work with our business partners to tailor and customize investment solutions for our investors.

Our investments are all asset backed to provide additional security for our investors.

Over the years, we have acquired and are continuing to grow our portfolio of single family homes in the US.

We have our own office, staff and partners in the US and are capable of providing turn-key solutions from sourcing, refurbishing, renting and managing these assets.
Our core team is responsible for the company’s investment model, philosophy and values. We operate on a flat structure to stay nimble and responsive, customizing solutions to meet our clients’ business and financial objectives.
See Mong is the founder and CEO of SEED Global Investment (SGI). An experienced and astute investor in both local and overseas real estate, he possesses over 30 years of investment experience, making him no stranger to the global investment cycle and climate. His strengths include having a strategic mindset, balanced perspectives, and attention to details. He has held positions of authority in areas as diverse as strategic HR and planning, IT, training, operations, amongst many others.

See Mong is also a member of the Nanyang Fellows Alumni and has attended Gartner CIO Academy in Said Business School, University of Oxford. He graduated in 1990 from the National University of Singapore with BSc (2nd Upper Hons) and obtained his MBA in 2002.
Isaac is the co-founder and director of SGI. An engineer by training, Isaac is also a successful entrepreneur and inventor, founding Phion Technology Pte Ltd and creating the “Wireless Video EyeWear” respectively. His inventive and innovative nature provide him the ability to seek new perspectives and solutions.

Having worked with partners from countries such as Germany, US and Canada for many years gave Isaac a deeper understanding of the intricacies of doing business in a different cultural context. With many years of experience in developing and investing into businesses, Isaac is instrumental in the establishment of systems within SGI and the scrutiny of the investment deals with our business partners. In addition to being an experienced investor, he also possesses a wide diverse network of business associates.