The Nicklaus Design Golf Course at Forest Lakes Country Club

The construction of the Nicklaus Design Golf Course at the Forest Lakes Country Club, the only Nicklaus Design course in Atlantic Canada, is progressing wonderfully.

NMP Golf Construction, who has been building golf courses and irrigation systems in North America and Canada, was appointed earlier this year to oversee the construction of the 18-hole golf course.

In July, NMP installed storm water drains and shaped greens and tees into their final stages before seeding.  Sand was placed on bunkers, greens, tees and fairways in preparation for seeding in August.  Soil and sand analysis was performed by Turf Landscape Manager, Barry Scott alongside other soil scientists, to determine the best choice of materials, before decision was made to use native soil from Forest Lakes mixed with materials brought in from other parts of the province to add the finishing touches to the golf course.

The recently completed five-acre golf irrigation lake located next to where the clubhouse and the driving range will be has been named “Bear Lake”.  Bear Lake has been designed and built to ensure that the irrigation requirements for the golf course are met, in addition to adding a spectacular aesthetic appeal to the area around the golf club house.  The Forest Lakes Golf Club is the centrepiece and the most fundamental aspirational feature of the overall development of Forest Lakes Country Club, and special care has been taken to ensure that it is designed and built to very high standards.

The plan for the golf course in 2017 is to complete the back 9 golf holes to be ready for play in 2018.