As 2019 draws to a close, I look back on the year with mixed feelings. The multiple events from different continents came charging at us all at once; our contingency plans were promptly activated and everyone worked resolutely round the clock to contain, manage, and improve the situations. It is exhausting and often time overwhelming; yet during moments of solitude, I can feel a deep sense of gratitude and blessing as I reflect on the support & encouragement from the people around me.

I am humbled by how our associates calmly and steadfastly engage our investors. I am motivated by the understanding and generosity from our investors providing us the latitude we needed to manage the situations. Our goal to realize the investment returns for our investors remains unchanged. No storms last forever and I believe that as long as we collectively persevere, we will not only achieve our goal, we will also emerge stronger, wiser, and wealthier.

Where there’s life there’s hope. Thank you and Happy New Year. 


Tew See Mong

CEO, SEED Global Investment (SGI)


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